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Science Fiction

The Nanotech Network
1997 Russian/1998 English ver.

The Worm
1991 Rus/1994 Eng (Part 1 only)

The Moon Dream
1989 Rus/1999 English version


The Wish Generator
1986 Rus/Eng. abstract of Ch3

Hello, I am Alexander Lazarevich, better known on the BBSs throughout the former Soviet Union as the author of "The Worm", a science fiction story about a computer virus-like program ("worm") that united all the networked computers in the world into a single giant super computer.

Click here for details about (and text of) "The Worm" story.

My latest novel "The Nanotech Network" is now available in English! (original Russian version was written in 1997).

Combining the power of nanotechnologies with the Internet-type networking may bring about a revolution in the way we produce, distribute and consume all kinds of things. This revolution may cause a greater change in society than the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th - early 19th century which created capitalism. Will Internet become the undertaker of capitalism? What new kind of society will emerge in the end? This book does not answer all the questions, but it's as good a starting point for those who want to search for the answer as any.


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Actually, I don't quite like to be presented as the author of "The Worm" and "NanoTech Network" alone, because, personally, I believe that my most important contribution to the fields of science fiction and futurology was a book written in 1986, in which I showed that immortality is feasible even on the basis of the already known and well-established scientific knowledge. What is needed to achieve immortality is the development of a few technologies, which will be based on the laws of nature that can be found even in today's high-school textbooks.

A short story that I consider my best, although not from the standpoint of engineering or scientific ideas, of which this story contains none (unlike my other stories), but from a purely literary standpoint.

"The Moon Dream" story was written back in 1989, on the 20th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon, and dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Soviet Union's failure to put men on the Moon.

Click here to start downloading the file, 19 Kb, containing the English version of "The Moon Dream"

Coming soon!

"...and returning him safely to the Earth":

The Fact and Fiction of the Moon Dream

An article placing the events of the "The Moon Dream" story against the historical background of the Space Race between USA and USSR to put men on the Moon in the 1960s. And of course, I'll try to answer the question of whether there have ever been any plans for a one-way mission to the Moon, either in the Soviet Union, or in the United States.

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